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Buyer agency Denmark

Your exclusive buyer’s agent

By using Minkøbermægler.dk you get your own professional and exclusive buyer’s agent, who can support you through the entire home-buying process from start to finish. Minkøbermægler.dk buyer agency is on your side, while the real estate agent is on the seller’s side.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or experienced home buyer, Minkøbermægler.dk is ready to guide you through the home-buying process step by step.

When using Minkøbermægler.dk it is not necessary to use a property lawyer. Minkøbermægler.dk covers the entire purchase process.


With price negotiation
you get:

Advice from start to finish

Free sparring about your home purchase

Minkøbermægler.dk assesses the price of the home and makes a negotiation strategy in line with your expectations

Minkøbermægler.dk handles bidding and negotiation with the seller’s real estate agent

Price: 10 % of the negotiated price reduction incl. VAT

Legal document

With legal document review
you get:

Legal advice during the purchase process

Review of the terms of trade in the purchase agreement

Preparation and registration of deed

Preparation of reimbursement statement

Price: from DKK 10.500 incl. VAT

“No Cure – No Pay”

Does not apply to deals that are conditional on the buyer’s own sale, bidding rounds, and conditional deals with a right of first refusal

Building inspection

With building inspection
you get:

An oral construction technical review of the property with an independent building expert

An estimate of what it costs to repair the listed damages in the condition report (tilstandsrapport)

Assessment of the possibilities for desired alterations

Assessment of the energy condition of the property as well as the possibilities for energy optimization

Price: DKK 4.200 incl. VAT


With selling advice
you get:

Sparring in connection with your home sale

Review of sales valuation metrics and analysis of market price

Review of brokerage agreement and negotiation of terms with the real estate agent

Participation in follow-up meetings with the real estate agent

Price: from DKK 3.000 incl. VAT

The purchasing process

Minkøbermægler.dk can help you – whether you are about to buy a new home, or you already are in the process of buying one.

Below you can get an overview of how Minkøbermægler.dk can help you – no matter where in the process you are.


Step 1:

If you are considering buying a home, call us for a non-committal talk and hear how we can ensure you are supported in connection with your home purchase.

Step 2:

After our talk, we will put together a proposal for you with the services that we believe are relevant to you and your home purchase situation.


Step 3:

Throughout the buying process we are always available to support, and strive to be your personal buyer’s agent with no conflicts of interest. If you need help with price negotiation, we are happy to help you with this as well.


Step 4:

When a buyer and seller have agreed on the terms of the deal, a purchase agreement must be drawn up which must be signed by both the buyer and seller. The purchase agreement is subject to the bank’s approval, and we can ensure terms are aligned with your interests as well.


Step 5:

Once the purchase agreement has been signed by both parties, we further ensure that all relevant documents that are a part of the deal are reviewed by an experienced buyer’s agent.


Step 6:

Before the due diligence period expires, our buyer’s agent will review all documents with you and provide an independent legal assessment of the deal and whether there are issues to be considered.

Step 7:

If it is assessed that the deal can be approved, our agent will approve the deal with the seller’s real estate agent. Here, the buyer’s agent will list the conditions for the approval of the deal. If you as a buyer have any clarifying questions for the seller or reservations, the buyer’s agent will be able to add these in his approval letter. Only when all conditions are met and the right of withdrawal has expired, is the deal final and you can now call yourself a homeowner.

Step 8:

When the deal is final, the buyer’s agent will prepare a digital deed which will be sent for your signature. The deed must be signed with MitID and will then be notified for registration on tinglysning.dk. The buyer’s agent will also prepare the reimbursement statement. The work with the deed and reimbursement statement begins approx. 1 month before the takeover day and ends approx. 1 month after the acquisition date. However, the deadlines may depend a little on what is agreed in the purchase agreement.


The man behind Minkøbermægler.dk

My name is Anders Klingenberg. I’m an accredited real estate agent with more than 15 years of experience in real estate in Denmark, as well as experience as an assessment consultant for some of the largest banks in Denmark, including Handelsbanken, Danske Bank and Nordea.

I started this business because buying a house or an apartment is typically the biggest investment decision of our lives, and yet in Denmark there is typically no independent advisory support that can help you with this investment!

When buying property in Denmark as a foreigner, there are special rules for EU citizens and other rules for citizens from outside the EU. As your personal buyer’s agent, we can guide you through questions and concerns each step along the way and help you acquire permission from the Department of Civil Affairs.

I have over the years learned that there can be a lot of money and frustration saved if you invest some time in this process. As your buyer’s agent my goal is to put you in the driver’s seat, so you gain the information and support needed to make the right decision and to negotiate the right price.

No two home purchases are the same, and there are many stakeholders in this process who want to influence your decision. As a buyer, it is therefore a significant advantage having one independent sparring partner who can take stress out of this process and ensure that your life-long decision becomes the right one.

Buyer’s agent – FAQ

What is a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent is typically an accredited real estate agent specialized in property law. A buyer’s agent helps home buyers safely through the buying process with everything from price negotiation of the property to buyer counselling and legal document review.

In recent years, it has become more and more popular to use a buyer’s agent, when a new law was passed in 2015 that real estate agents no longer were allowed to advise an ordinary home buyer.

It therefore puts the buyers at a disadvantage compared to the sellers, because only the sellers have a professional to look after their interests. The advantage of using a buyer’s agent is that you, on an equal footing with the seller, have a professional representative to assess the property and the legal documents. In contrast to when using a property lawyer, the buyer’s agent is most often involved and stands on the buyer’s side with buyer counselling and legal advice throughout the entire purchase process. Often at the same price.

Minkøbermægler.dk has professional liability insurance through HDI.

How much money can a buyer’s agent save me?

Using Minkøbermægler.dk can save you a lot of money, and our mission is that it should always be a greater advantage using our services than not doing so.

A professional price negotiation can usually secure you a bigger price reduction on the property you wish to purchase, because Minkøbermægler.dk has many years of experience in negotiation and possesses effective negotiating skills. In addition, you buy the security that elements are not overlooked that ultimately become unforeseen expenses or price reductions.

Minkøbermægler.dk has numerous examples of deals where the buyer had overlooked important parameters such as illegal building layouts, pollution or imminent local plan changes of a depreciating nature for the home / area. In these cases, Minkøbermægler.dk has helped the buyer save sums that far exceed the cost.

The specific sum therefore depends on the property in question and the content of the purchase agreement.

Can a buyer’s agent also save me time?

You don’t just save money when you involve a buyer’s agent in a home purchase.

You don’t have to go through all the documents yourself, which is a time-consuming process – especially if you are not a trained real estate agent, lawyer and/or have experience in the field. By teaming up with a buyer’s agent, you get your own representative, who can guide you through the entire buying process and make you aware of deadlines and potential pitfalls. That way, you get time to concentrate on all the fun stuff when buying a home.

You can therefore save time, effort and money when you use a buyer’s agent in a home purchase.


Anders has been extremely helpful during the process. He frequently called to inform about each step in the process, gave guidance both before and well after the buying process. He showed high implication on the case in a very reliable case. Very nice person, easy to reach and communicate with. One of the best services I’ve got in Denmark.

I have suggested him to several friends, all experiencing same level of satisfaction.

Highly recommended!

Borja Valverde Pérez


Anders provided us with excellent service throughout the whole process of purchasing a rækkehus near Copenhagen. We obviously didn’t buy the first house we saw and Anders was very patient and gave us great advice on technical details, price ranges and other important things regards the house to look for.

Anders then formally represented us during the negotiation and bidding process and communicated all details with the real estate agent on our behalf until the deal was sealed.

He as well took care of all the paper and legal work related to the purchase. We really liked working with Anders – he always listened carefully and had great attention to detail. He would let us decide in every step of the process but would support our decisions with evidence and his experience in the field.

We would definitely hire Anders again and can’t recommend Minkøbermægler.dk more!

Ivan Vogel


I can highly recommend Anders. He helped us understand the system and took care of all the legal paperwork involved.

Anders is always available for questions and very helpful/supportive. Has tremendous experience about real estate that you can benefit from. Being a foreigner it was very helpful to have someone you can trust to guide you through one of the biggest investments of your life!

Such a pleasure to work with!!