Inspection with Minkøbermæ

With inspection of the property, you get an extra set of professional eyes and:

  • Advice from start to finish
  • An independent review of the property in relation to the pricing, description, etc.
  • An assessment on whether there are aspects that may have an impact on the deal, etc.
  • Ideas / suggestions on where to negotiate

Before Minkøbermæ inspects the property, we will align expectations to be certain, that any special requests or points of interest in connection with the inspection are accommodated.

Price per started hour: DKK 1,000 incl. VAT

Købermægler fremvisning

Is there something you as a buyer haven’t thought about or have overlooked?

Are you not in need of a thorough construction technical review of the property, but would still like an “extra set of eyes” to assess whether the property matches the real estate agent’s assessed price and description?

When purchasing real estate, certain processes sometimes can go fast, which is why, it can be a good idea to team up with a professional buyer’s agent, who can assess whether the property is an equally good purchase as the real estate agent indicates.

Thinking back to the first time you moved to a new home: How long did it take you to discover errors and deficiencies that should otherwise be easy to spot?

Inspection of the property through Minkøbermæ is an independent service that can be selected as an individual service or with one or more other services.