Free purchase assessment

With many years of experience as a buyer’s agent and real estate agent, Minkøbermæ is able to give you a free and independent purchase assessment of the property in relation to the market. We can give you an insight into the market situation and the specific property you are looking at, which in the end hopefully can lead to a profitable price reduction.

Regardless of what the property is worth, you can be sure that we will always give you an honest purchase assessment through our buyer counselling.

With a free online purchase assessment, you get:

  • An assessment of the price of the property in relation to the market
  • A review of the property’s sales history
  • Overview of special conditions concerning the property that you should be aware of
  • Advice on whether it is necessary to review the property with a building expert
  • A review of the property’s sales presentation, BBR, land register certificate, condition report, energy label and electricity report

The first purchase assessment is free of charge. After this, a purchase assessment costs DKK 1,000 incl. VAT.


Do you have an overview of the purchase in its entirety?

A property comes with a variety of documents and reports, which quickly can make it difficult to get an overview of the purchase in its entirety.

What stands out for the particular property in question? Are there conditions in the documents that should be reserved or acted upon? There are many options, and no home purchase is the same.

With certain types of property, there may be special conditions that require a critical eye from a buyer’s agent. It can, for example, be easements with limitations and restrictions on the right of disposal over the property.

It is therefore important to get an overview of these before proceeding with a home purchase.

If you want to avoid pitfalls in connection with your home purchase, it is therefore recommended that you team up with a buyer’s agent.