Selling advice

Are you considering selling your apartment or your house? Minkøbermæ can help you review the different brokerage agreements and give you advice / recommendations on how you as a seller can negotiate the best possible agreement.

Minkøbermæ can also provide you advice on who are the best brokers on the market to handle the sale of your apartment or your house.

You can also get advice and guidance on general sales optimization, requisition of condition report, etc.

Price example 1: Review of the brokerage agreements (maximum 3 agreements) and advice on negotiation of fees and terms with real estate agents DKK 3,000 incl. VAT.

Price example 2: Review of sales assessments DKK 4,000 incl. VAT

Have you received vastly different sales assessments from the real estate agents that you have had to assess your property?

Minkøbermæ can help you review the sales assessments that you have received from the different real estate agents and compare them with the realized trade prices and asking prices for the area.

Once Minkøbermæ has reviewed the sales assessments, we will have a conference call, where we can discuss your considerations / thoughts on the various sales assessments. Here Minkøbermæ will also provide advice and guidance on which real estate agent and which sales assessment, Minkøbermæ finds most interesting in relation to your specific situation.

Selling advice an individual service that can be selected as an individual service or with one or more other services.

Price: from DKK 3,000 incl. VAT / separate services can be agreed individually