Price negotiation

With price negotiation you get:

  • Advice from start to finish
  • Free sparring about your home purchase
  • Free online purchase review
  • Minkøbermæ assesses the price of the property you are looking to purchase and makes a negotiation strategy aligned with your expectations
  • Minkøbermæ handles the bidding and negotiation with the seller’s real estate agent

Price: 10% of the discount – “no discount – no bill”

Offer price: DKK 7,500,000

Price negotiated by Minkøbermæ DKK 7,500,000

Discount 500,000 DKK

10% of the discount: DKK 50,000 (fee to Minkøbermæ

Your saving DKK 450,000


Is the asking price, correct?

Minkøbermæ must of course ensure that you get the property you are seeking to purchase, but as your representative, we must also ensure, that you as a buyer are paying a fair market price.

Minkøbermæ will help you assess whether the property you are seeking to purchase is correctly priced or whether there is basis for a reduction in the asking price. That way you as a buyer avoid paying too much for your future home.

Throughout my many years as a real estate agent, I have been in many different negotiating situations, and therefore know the important factors that are crucial to negotiation and which pitfalls that a buyer must pay particular attention to.

Price negotiation through Minkøbermæ is an independent service which can be chosen as an individual service or with one or more other services.

If you are interested in studying statistics on the housing market in the area you intend to buy a home, then press here.