Legal document review

from DKK 9,000 incl. VAT (see prices) – “No Completion – No Fee”

– Does not apply to conditional purchase agreements and bidding rounds

With legal document review you get:

  • Legal advice from start to finish
  • Review of the conditions and terms of the purchase agreement
  • Review of the documents accompanying the purchase agreement
  • Advice on change of ownership insurance (house)
  • Preparation of approval letter for the real estate agent
  • Ensure dialogue with all relevant parties of the real estate transaction
  • Assurance that everything is in place for the handover
  • Preparation and registration of the conveyance deed
  • Preparation of the reimbursement statement
  • Release of the purchase price once the deed is registered without any remarks
  • Coverage through liability insurance in connection with the counselling

Are all conditions and terms of the purchase agreement and the accompanying documents properly described?

What should I be aware of as a buyer, if there is a buried oil tank on the property grounds? Are there special conditions in the local area plan or in the easements that are registered on the property?

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced home buyer, it is always a good idea – before you sign a purchase agreement – to team up with a buyer’s agent to ensure that all legal matters are in order.

A legal document review ensures that the legal basis is in order, so that you as a buyer are guaranteed that all aspects of the transaction have been reviewed for your benefit – and security.

Legal document review is an individual service that can be selected as an individual service or with one or more other services.