Building inspection

With building inspection, you get:

  • Advice from start to finish
  • An oral construction technical review of the property with an independent building expert
  • Review of the condition report (tilstandsrapport)
  • An estimate of what it costs to repair the damages listed in the condition report
  • Assessment of the possibilities for desired alterations
  • Assessment of the energy state of the property as well as the possibilities of energy optimization

Price: 4,000 kr. Incl. VAT


Among one of the best investments, you as a buyer can make, is a thorough building inspection of the property with a building expert.

Does the condition of the property correspond to the stated facts in the condition report?

Whether you are buying a new property, a refurbished property, or an older property, Minkøbermæ recommends having the property reviewed by an independent building expert. Unfortunately, many of the condition reports (tilstandsrapport) that are provided to buyers are often fraught with errors and omissions that can ultimately cost you a lot of money. The list of rulings from case law and appellate court decisions merely confirms this.

If it turns out that there are errors and omissions in the condition report that are not properly described, this can typically be used in a negotiation and thus create a strong negotiating position.

Minkøbermæ collaborates with an independent building expert, with extensive experience in construction engineering consulting.

You are of course welcome to hire your own expert if you wish. Collaborating with the construction expert will make your buying process smoother and cheaper. All in your favor.

Building inspection with a building expert is an individual service that can be selected alone or with one or more other services.