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Articles & News from the housing market

How does a typical housing trade in Denmark proceed?

By |18. October 2021|Categories: How does a typical housing trade in Denmark proceed|

After having viewed the property, the buyer and seller enter into a purchase agreement, to specify the terms of the sale. These include the agreed purchase price, date of takeover, and the individual terms that the buyer and seller have agreed upon. Before you as a buyer consider looking at a property and making an offer, it’s a good idea to ally yourself with a buyer agent that can guide you through the purchase process and help you with the [...]

Condition report (tilstandsrapport) – Things you as a buyer should be aware of

By |16. October 2021|Categories: Condition report / tilstandsrapport|

The purpose of a construction experts’ inspection of the property is to determine the condition of the building in question compared to equivalent buildings of the same age. As a buyer, you must thus be aware that there may be age-related technical conditions in the house, which are to be expected with this type of building, and which are thus not described in the condition report. There may for example be damp in the basement of an older house. Here, [...]

Guide to change of ownership insurance

By |16. October 2021|Categories: Guide to change of ownership insurance|

What exactly does the change of ownership insurance cover and what should you, as buyer, be especially aware of? Briefly, the change of ownership insurance covers any hidden defects or shortcomings in the property, that are not listed in the condition report (tilstandsrapport) or the electrical installation condition report (elinstallationsrapport), and which you were not aware of at the time of handover. As buyer, it is important, however, that you scrutinize the insurance terms carefully, as there can be big [...]

Is the housing market in Denmark overheated?

By |12. October 2021|Categories: Is the housing market in Denmark overheated?|

It can hardly have passed anyone’s attention, that the housing market has been doing remarkably well over the last two years, with a record number of sales and record-high prices as a result. The Systemic Risk Council and the Governor of Danmarks Nationalbank have, among other things, recommended that the Danish Government ought to raise the down payment requirement, reduce the home mortgage interest deduction, and/or intervene/impose restrictions in relation to access to the non-amortizing loans, which are especially popular [...]

Buying property in Denmark as a foreigner / expat

By |12. October 2021|Categories: Buying property in Denmark as a foreigner / expat|

Guide to buying property in Denmark as a foreigner / expat: As a non-Danish national it can be quite a challenge to buy real estate in Denmark. There can be many pitfalls and a lot of buyers may not quite know where to start. Minkøbermæ has made a list of some of the most important things you should be aware of when buying property in Denmark. 1. Make sure that you have talked to a few different banks and that [...]

Buying an apartment in Denmark – 9 typical points to focus on

By |1. September 2021|Categories: Buying an apartment in Denmark|

1. Remember to read the sales presentation closely. It contains important information on things such as existing debts, the property’s conditions of insurance, security for the owners’ association, outstanding loans that can be taken over or form the basis for refunding registration fees etc. Information in the sales presentation is required to be accurate, meaning the seller may be held liable for any false/incorrect information stated in the listing. 2. Familiarize yourself with the finances and operations of the owners’ [...]


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